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Ever since I was a child and up until recently I had always wanted to work in the medical field, and did so first as a CNA and then as an LPN for many years. I played various home brew DnD style one shots every now and then over the years with my brothers, but it wasn't until 2018 that we started playing DnD campaigns consistently, and I've absolutely loved every moment of it since. The love for the game has kept on growing and growing until I had the realization that this is something I wanted to make a career out of and dedicate my time to.

Outside of playing, I absolutely love to travel, my favorite destination so far has been The Dominican Republic where I made some awesome friends and spent weeks living as a beach bum. My favorite food is Steak and I have the most adorable and loyal Australian Labradoodle named Quinn

G. Blaine Thompson

Growing up I was always obsessed with characters and fiction. Whenever I would watch a show or read a book, I would create a character in my head and insert them into the story. Admittedly, I still do this as an adult.

I've worked a small variety of jobs, moving from carpentry to phlebotomy, but creative writing and voice acting was always at the back of my mind. When I started DMing, that afforded me practice to both of those skills, as well as some improvisation.

Thanks to some pushing from my brothers, I'm starting to dedicate my career to the things I love doing the most: voice acting, writing, and of course, tabletop games. While I am still a fledgling in terms of experience, I hope to eventually make those three things my career, and here's hoping D-Fourtress can help me achieve that.


Hey there, my name is Eric, and I'm brand new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. By day I'm a registered nurse, but deep down I'm a nerd at heart with a crazy collection of interests. Anything from building computers, fishing, gaming, going to rock concerts, working out/always skipping leg day, and chatting your ear off about personal finance, I truly love diving into new hobbies. But the true treasure in my life is my incredible wife, who I'm very aware is way out of my league. As a newcomer to Dungeons and Dragons, I'm grateful for my patient and supportive group of friends who are showing me the ropes.


This aging millennial has been around the block a few times and seen some $#!t! =D However, this hasn't stopped
me from finding joy; much of which comes from playing TTRPGs or performing live improv. I've been a theatre actor
for most of my life including in early childhood where my parents put me in voice lessons and tossed me
into the San Francisco Opera company and other local opera/theatre gigs. I was putting make-up and
costumes on by the age of 5 and from then on I was hooked and clearly forming an actors ego to boot!
I've been doing stage work in opera, musicals and live theatre ever since.

I am currently working on moving my artistic talents into the voice acting field and working with these guys on our projects seemed a great way to move in that direction! I have always been a culture and games geek although I didn't get to play many TTRPGs until I was in college.
What excites me about playing someone like V!vi is the chance to play a character who is the literal definition of
"bright eyed and bushy tailed". A character with that wonder for exploration and discovery we all have at a young age is so much fun to inhabit!

I hope you enjoy what we are creating and I'm excited to see where this goes!


Growing up I had always dreamt of becoming an artist, actress or a singer/songwriter and spent a lot of time daydreaming about what my life would be like in one of those roles. Some of my family members played D&D, but personally, I thought it was just another boring paper and dice game that the older kids would play. It wasn’t until I became one of the older kids and the game was actually explained to me, that the idea of playing with a bunch of other nerds sounded like a lot of fun! Since I started playing more consistently the past several years, I’ve realized D&D could be an exciting segway to help make my childhood dreams come true. 

I’m a lover of all things arts ‘n crafts, but my biggest hobbies lean more towards artwork and learning about nature. I’ll often ramble about new plant facts I’ve learned, new ideas I’ve come up with, or anything else that’s on my mind! So if you find me in the wild, be prepared to have your ear talked off…


Since I was little I’ve had this massive dream world that has been built and grown over time, mostly experienced through adventures while dreaming, but also through stories I’ve shared with those around me. DnD has been an exciting avenue to explore that dream world and help others experience it as well. The biggest reason why I love DnD however, is because of how happy it makes my wife, which is evidenced by the seemingly infinite pairs of dice we now own around the house. It’s one reason why I know she’s the one for me!


One thing is for certain, if you get to know me in real life and our interests align, you’ll likely have a friend for life! I’ve always loved crafting and making things, however I tend to get really into things before quickly dropping interest in them and moving on to the next big interest. Growing up, I was always reading the most popular books: books about vampires, werewolves, faeries, and especially the ones that had romance thrown in there, but when I read one book by Brandon Sanderson I realized just how incredible fantasy worlds could become. Then, instead of reading, I loved experiencing the different types of worlds and characters that movies, anime, and video games could build. 

A few years back, when my older brother asked me to play in a Dungeons and Dragons game that he was DMing, I agreed to join because he was my brother, but I remember my dad telling me beforehand that D&D was only for awkward and nerdy people... Turns out he was right! This game has made me realize just how awkward and nerdy I was/am, and I love it! I realized after letting Dungeons and Dragons into my life that I would bottle down the things that I truly enjoyed in order to fit in with what I viewed as the norm. After growing up, getting married, and figuring out my life more, I am so grateful to be able to be myself - making decisions that make me happy and fulfilled. I have never gotten bored of D&D, either playing or DMing, and I really hope that I can continue to have fun and make true memories with the D-Fourtress gang!